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"We are very fortunate in the metro Milwaukee area to have many Irish dance schools to choose from. Our family joined Glencastle nine years ago and has never looked back. We appreciate the top-notch instruction our daughter (a champion dancer) has received over the years, not to mention the camaraderie of the GID families and the supportive spirit that is shared amongst the dancers. The philosophy of owner, Bridget Jaskulski, encourages families to choose the level of involvement that is right for them. There is no pressure…just lots of opportunities for physical and character development, not to mention the sense of belonging and pride your child will enjoy as part of the GID family.  - Anne and Jeff Warchol, Parents

My daughter Hannah has danced with Glencastle for 8 years now. We have always been impressed with Glencastle Irish Dancers. Bridget runs this dance group like we are all part of one big family. We have felt comfortable from day one. Bridget knows all the girls and parents on a first name basis and encourages all of us to get to know each other in the same way. Hannah has improved tremendously in her skills and confidence. She has been encouraged to strive to be the best she can be, but not pressured to do competitions or performances. In the beginning she did not do many competitions, but in the last 5 years she has enjoyed many. The older students have always been kind and encouraging towards Hannah, which has helped her to feel comfortable at GID. She has formed many lasting friendships with the other girls.  - Gerry Ruedinger, Parent

"I danced with Glencastle because it felt like one big family. With them I learned the value of being respectful to my fellow classmates and competitors, that results only come with hard work and determination, and the importance of supporting one another as we worked to achieve our goals." - Becky Reese - Former Dancer, currently studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

"From the day I first walked into the studio until my last Milwaukee Irish Fest performance, I had always felt truly welcome at Glencastle. I was taught to try my best and push limits I didn't think I could by the most wonderful teaching staff I could ever ask for. Even though I was a late starter in Irish dance terms, my individual skills and talents were noted just as well as others who have been dancing their whole lives, and I appreciate more than anything the opportunity to dance for such a wonderful school." 
- Brenda Hofschulte - Former Dancer, currently studying at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

"Glencastle was nothing short of a dream come true for me. Ever since I could walk, I dreamed of performing onstage and becoming an Irish dancer. Glencastle helped me achieve that dream and supported me every step of the way. I made friendships and memories to last a lifetime. I learned the value of teamwork and a positive attitude. I learned to compete respectfully and value the merit of sportsmanship and good fun. Bridget and the instructors were incredibly supportive and caring of all of their students, and they continue to be so to this day. I've seen students transform from shy, quiet kids to confident, poised, and ambitious young adults through their Glencastle experiences. Glencastle has taught us all an appreciation for Irish culture, for dance, and for each other. Glencastle has been nothing short of a family for me, even though I've been seven years retired from dancing. The spirit of our friendship and familial bonds lives on. I give my sincerest thanks to all involved in my wonderful experience and I am excited for new and continuing students to be changed for the better by Glencastle, just as I was." 
- Lauren Tank - Former Dancer, currently studying at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

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Glencastle is a small village in the northwest of County Mayo, Ireland near Belmullet and is the ancestral home of our founder and owner, Bridget Jaskulski. Bridget's great grandparents were raised in Glencastle and emigrated to the United States in the late 1800's. As a tribute to her family, Bridget chose Glencastle as the name of her school.

Glencastle Irish Dancers, Inc. opened its doors in Milwaukee on February 23, 2000. Our children's classes began at the College Park School in Greendale, Wisconsin and our adult classes began at the Milwaukee Irish Fest Center in Milwaukee, WI. In September of 2000 we added Mount Mary College in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to our locations. Our school opened with 26 students and has grown to over 100 students. In October of 2006, we moved into our own studio space which is located in West Allis, Wisconsin.

Our Colors and Design

The castle that appears in the crest on our logo and class dresses depicts the ancient castle in Glencastle, Ireland. The colors purple and green represent the richness of a royal heritage, and thus we've chosen them for our school colors.

Our school logo was designed by John Nasky of Listowel Celtic Art in Pittsburgh, PA and our school costumes are designed by Sullivan-Shea Enterprise in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of Glencastle Irish Dancers, Inc. is to apply the tradition of Irish dance as a vehicle for personal growth by building self-esteem, practicing teamwork, and facilitating self discipline to ultimately encourage great dancers to grow into great people.

Glencastle Irish Dancers Inc. is a welcoming family for dancers of every skill level to encourage one another in personal growth -- on and off the dance floor.​

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